Content marketing

Regular communication of the brand with the target audience with the help of useful and expert content increases the fame and trust in your company. And, accordingly, sales and recommendations.

The objectives of content marketing


Brand formation

Deliver your advantages and values ​​to your audience. Bring new subscribers into the channels of communication and turn them into brand lawyers with the help of regular, useful and expert content.

Increase in sales

Engage potential customers and tell them about promotions and special offers. Uncover the benefits of new products.

Content promotion

Create strong content which will be shared in social networks. Promote content in social networks to the target audience in order to get more coverage. Keep a blog to attract new potential customers from the search engines.

How do we do this?


A well thought out content strategy will help to achieve these goals. So, you will know exactly through which channels and through what content to communicate with the audience.




We get acquainted and immerse ourselves in the subject of your product.

Goals and objectives

We form the tasks of the content strategy. We set the indicators by which we will monitor the effect of content marketing.

First, we meet with you in our office, where we discuss the stages of future work with a cup of coffee.

We collect data on the basis of which a content marketing strategy will be developed to solve your tasks.



The target audience

Segment the audience by demographic and behavioral factors. We determine the most popular channels among the target audience and their information needs.


Define the shortcomings and advantages of the strategy of communication of direct and indirect competitors. We study interesting solutions of foreign colleagues.

Current situation

We evaluate the work of our communication channels and identify problems.

Strategic Creativity

As a result of the analysis of research, we form the direction that we will be based on during the development of the strategy. We scale the direction of the content strategy to the chosen communication channels, create a calendar for 6 months and design.

Strategy creation 


Content plan

We develop the most effective types of content and headings and think through their promotion. We set KPI to each communication channel.

Content Calendar

A six-month communication calendar, which includes all the rubrics and methods of their announcing in each communication channel.

Content templates

We create a design concept and templates for the design of channels and categories. We show examples to effectively maintain each channel.

The content strategy presentation and discussion of the launch 


Content-marketing realisation

Realisation according to content calendar, content promotion and monthly analytics.



Research data, channels, content-plan, content-calendar, KPI.


We present the content strategy, explaining our decisions and conclusions.

Design and implementation

We design communication channels and rubrics. We implement work with the client base, mailing service and blog.

Content Creation

We write texts, create videos, images and other content. Content is optimized for SEO.


We analyse the performance indicators and, accordingly, correct the actions.


We distribute content in all selected channels: social networks, blog, email-distribution, work with opinion leaders, etc. Content promotion.

Our agency takes full responsibility for maintaining and managing your communication channels.

Content strategies creation

Research, creation of a content plan, a calendar and a design for the construction of communication channels.

Content marketing implementation

Implementation according to content-calendar, promotion of content and monthly analytics.

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