Integrated promotion

To make promotion as profitable as possible, it must be comprehensive and measurable and be based on increased business indicators.

Marketing Department


Unlike typical advertising departments, we are engaged in comprehensive strategic marketing: we investigate competitors, your brand and target audience.

We identify and strengthen competitive advantages, and thoroughly assess the effectiveness of each channel, based on these key business indicators.


To determine the most profitable channels and distribute the advertising budget objectively, we analyse the requests and sales accordingly.

In complex promotions, we set up end-to-end analytics to measure all stages of the customer funnel, from visits to sales, testing a variety of channels, keywords and ads. This allows us to track the client's purchasing pattern; find the most profitable channels and introduce changes; thereby increase profits with the same promotion budget.

How we do this ?

Test period

To determine what works best for your business, we start with an initial testing period, during which we set up analytics, promotion tools and launch a test advertising campaign. At this stage, we focus on obtaining the maximum number of target applications.


Briefing and Offers


Firstly, we discuss all the stages of future work with you.

Purchase funnel and goals

We collect the information (the category of goods or services, the admissible cost of the application and the maximum volume of orders) in order to model the purchase funnel. We set goals and objectives, starting from the businesses KPIs.

Promotion channels

We select the most suitable promotion tools and predict the amount and quality of traffic from them to your site.

As a result, we create a commercial offer that visually shows the launch period of the advertising campaign and each channel separately, including the budget and KPI.

Analytics and Test Advertising Campaign

Research of competitors and the target audience

We investigate advertising campaigns and competitors’ strategies for promotion, analyse the target audience and create user portraits. Thus, advertisements will reflect the needs of potential customers.


Configuration of detailed analytics

We configure web analytics services that collect data about the behavior of users on the site. We implement the service of tracking phone calls (call-tracking). Thus, we understand how advertising channels affect applications at each stage.

Empirical research of promotion channels

We set up test advertising campaigns. Collect necessary statistics to understand which channels bring the maximum results. As a rule, by the end of the first month, we significantly reduce the cost of the application.



Only profitable channels and ads

Based on the data collected, we review the strategy, disable less efficient ones, and redistribute the budget for more efficient tools, product categories or services and key queries.

Results of the Test Period


Detailed analytics

Tracks the behavior of potential customers at each stage of the purchase funnel. We understand how to better allocate the advertising budget


Monthly reports

Each month you receive reports on the work of each promotion channel. They include recommendations on what has to be done to improve business performance.


Maximum conversion

We optimise the work of all the involved promotion channels so that investments in promotion bring more profit.

Main Tasks


End-to-end analytics

To track the client's sales pattern, we integrate customer relationship management (CRM) with existing web analytics and call-tracking systems.


Improving the result

We strengthen the most profitable channels, which we determined during the test period. We constantly test new ones to increase the indicators within the admissible profitability. Thus, we achieve the maximum ROMI.


Achieving business goals

In parallel with the work on the advertising campaign, we are looking for new opportunities for business development. This may include:


Essentially, instead of an advertising department you get a fully-fledged marketing department.


A measurable result

All stages of the purchase funnel are tracked. This way we monitor which channels have to be strengthened, and which ones to be refused from.


Improved marketing

All channels of promotion are configured and work to the maximum. In parallel, we are testing new ones.


Development strategy development

Plan to increase business performance and achieve new KPIs.


Improved work of the sales department

A customer relationship management system has been set up, sales scripts have been developed, and the work of the sales department has also been improved.