Marketing Sales

A set of services aimed at increasing sales and improving the impression of your company.


We set up end-to-end analytics to track the client's way from the first interaction to sales and determine the profitability of each advertising campaign.


All applications automatically fall into the CRM-system, which prompts the manager the next step depending on the status of the transaction. Work with clients becomes more effective.

IP Telephony

We connect telephony and CRM-system. All calls are tracked, recorded and distributed according to the established scenario.


Improved analytics allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in terms of sales, rather than bids. CRM-system helps automate advertising campaigns.

How do we do this?



Find the weak and strong points of your sales department and competitors. We study the sales department

We identify weaknesses and advantages of your sales department with the help of analysis of call records, a secret buyer, communication with managers and coordinators.


Result: we create a scheme to improve your sales system, coordinate the work plan, timing and budgets for the implemented tools.


Research of target audience

We divide the target audience into segments, determine the hidden needs, barriers and expectations from the purchase.

Analyze competitors

We identify weaknesses and advantages of competitors with the evaluation of marketing activity on the Internet and a secret buyer.

The result: identify the needs of the audience, the advantages of competitors and problems of the sales department - at what stages of work potential customers leave, how many applications are not processed and why.

Improvement designs

We create the scheme of the services integration and scenarios of work with applications.

Set goals

We develop a motivation system and installing KPI for sales staff, taking into account the effectiveness of their work.

Select tools

We bring in the CRM-system data about clients, integrate web-analytics, configure automatic statement of tasks.

Work on a sales algorithm

We analyse the purchase funnel. We create scenarios of interaction with the target audience from the application to the re-sale.

Design of the sales system

Based on the scenario of interaction with appeals, we create a scheme for implementing all the tools.



Based on the developed project of improvements, we set up and launch the sales system

Integration and launch of the CRM-system

Automated CRM: we create contacts and integrate important customer data, connect customer information from web analytics and from communication with the manager, create automatic tasking according to the stages of the sale.

Configured call tracking and other services

Configure the distribution of incoming calls on the workload of sales staff. We introduce email, sms, online consultants and others.

Configure end-to-end analytics

We combine integrated services to track the entire funnel: from the first application to the final sale.

Teach and create templates

We train managers to work with the new system. We create templates of commercial offers, automatic dispatches from the CRM-system (email and sms), scripts.


Result: convenient tool for processing received and missed applications.

Support and maintenance


We analyse and refine the new sales system and offer improvements.

Work control

We check the quality of work of employees with installed services.

Results analysis

We estimate the performance of the sales department after the introduction of the new system.

Reports provision

We generate reports based on the analysis, services and customer requirements.

Improvements provision

Every month we give recommendations on improving the work of the sales department.

Result: increase in sales for the same budget for advertising campaigns.


Reduction of losses

Applications and calls are not lost - the number of missed calls is reduced to zero. There are more sales with the same advertising budget.

Increased loyalty

Information about each client, data from analytics and tasks for the manager is the basis for a quality service. Customers appreciate it.

Improved repeat sales

Loyal customers re-apply for purchases and recommend the company to their friends and acquaintances.

Monitoring of the lead generation process

Each incoming or missed application can be tracked: the source and time of application, activity on the site and other data analytics.


Reduction of routine work and even distribution of calls in the sales department through the introduction of CRM-system, call tracking and other services.

Sellers work monitoring

Increase conversions in sales by tracking and optimizing the performance of the sales team.