Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is the search and implementation of a competitive advantage. Advantages are a simple answer to the question "Why should I buy from you?" To do this, we examine your product and brand, competitive environment and customers. Benefits are formed at the intersection of research.

How we do this?

Firstly, we discuss the stages of future work.




We get acquainted, set the goals and objectives of the marketing strategy, immerse ourselves in the subject of your product.

Agency Offer

• We study and evaluate the work: timeline, project team and project timeframes.

• As a result, we form the goals, objectives and KPI marketing strategy.

• After setting goals and objectives, we begin the research that serves as the foundation of the strategy.

Data collection


Brand research

We thoroughly study business processes and products, evaluate current problems and determine opportunities.

Research of competitors

We find the vulnerabilities of key competitors within the relevant fields and define directions for potential positioning.

Research of target audience

Using in-depth interviews and surveys, working with reviews and other studies, we study the target audience. As a result, we identify the problems of the customer, that can be solved by your suggestions.

Result: the identification of problems, recommendations for product improvement, development of the brand architecture.

Development of advantages


Development of advantages is the most important stage of the work, because here we create the essence of the whole strategy.

Finding an understandable and provable answer to the question "Why should I buy from you?"

We develop hypotheses and test them on the basis of the data collected at the previous stage. We choose the most advantageous concept on the basis of which the marketing strategy will be built.

Result: the concept of strategy and brand positioning. We select channels, develop content and creativity to convey your benefits to the target audience.

Creating a strategic plan to understand the benefits



We create topics and rubrics that tell you about the benefits of your company. We study their style depending on the channel of communication.

Communication channels

We are looking for the most popular channels of communication among the target audience. We are working on prototypes of communication platforms.


We create advertising, social and brand messages for each channel.


Channels and ways of communication with the target audience, the form and style of communication, headings and examples of messages.

How can you ensure that as many potential customers as possible learn about you and your benefits? The answer is advertising and promotion!

Media planning


Advertising channels

We are looking for the most suitable formats within the chosen communication channels.

Calculation of cost

We estimate the volume of the necessary advertising flow to achieve the set goals.


We form the timeline for activation of advertising activities. Determine the KPIs for each channel.

Analytical system

We develop recommendations for the implementation of the end-to-end analytics system for tracking the business indicators of the marketing campaign.


A specific plan for the implementation of the marketing strategy and KPI to assess its effectiveness.




Includes research results, description of the consumer and communication channels, recommendations for increasing site conversion, creative tactics.


We deliver a presentation of the strategy to top managers of your company, explaining our decisions and conclusions.

Media Plan

Terms and procedure for the launch of each advertising channel and corresponding KPI, monthly budget for each channel, sales funnel and profit forecast.