Developing of Corporate Websites

A corporate website is the central part of marketing communications. It should clearly convey the advantages of the company to the targeted audience effectively.

Marketing Projection

Before developing prototype`s, we explore your company, the target audience and rivals.

Structure & Content

We create clear and simple content that conveys all the advantages and converts your target audience into buyers.

A High Level of Performance

We perform each detail of design, content and software to the highest level so that company websites impress the target audience.

How we do this ?



We become acquainted with your business and the market conditions. Then we define the aims and tasks of the project.



We explore the specifics of your company, regarding the key products and services, thereby forming the aims and the tasks of your website.

We estimate the competition market, the market leaders, trends and other interesting mechanics.

We define and segment target groups and find out their needs.

Working out the interaction channels between users and the website; facilitating them for their design and usability.

The exploration results are used in creating of the structure and the content of the website.

From theory to practice: how to attract your customers` attention and convey your values to them.




Designing the simplest site structure and its every page.

Creating content, which enhancing the advantages and providing the information about your products and services and also forming a positive opinion of your company.

Working out and implementing the recommendations on search optimisation which are based on the exploration of a searchable demand of your required theme.

The result is a robust prototype which allows seeing a full picture and how your corporate website will appear. The prototype saves money on redesign as editing any prototype is much faster whereas to rework a ready site is long and expensive. Due to the fact that the entire structure of the website, elements and content has been worked out, it remains to allow for implementation at the highest level.

Design & Page Building



Creating design which can make you stand out as a leader in your industry and inspire the confidence of your potential customers.

We perform web development and programming of a corporate platform which runs perfectly on all devices and in all browsers.

The Advantages have been Found & Reflected

High level of performance.

Maximising conversions into sales.

Strengthening of the brand.