5 Ways To Redefine Your Marketing Strategy In 2019

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How to Improve Your Business Marketing Strategy in 2019

The current economy and overcrowded digital marketplace, streamlining your business marketing strategy have never been more essential. Without recycling old and outdated techniques from previous years; you can easily switch up your company’s marketing plan with little-to-no extra resources. Below are some of our top tips to refine and grow your strategy for continued success in 2019!

Video is the New Media of Choice

A sound business marketing strategy usually incorporates a variety of different media types in the form of promotional text, photos, info-graphics, banners and sound bites. By 2021, believe it or not, video will account for 75% of all traffic online, becoming the leading form of all digital content and the most influential media online. Video is not only incredibly popular, it’s also influential: video marketing campaign receives a 65% increase in qualified leads per year and achieve a 53% upsurge in brand awareness compared to similar text campaigns.

If you are a company strictly using articles and text, video marketing may seem daunting. Fortunately, there are many online resources that allow companies to add videos to their marketing strategy in 2019. Powtoon is a great platform for turning basic info-graphics to life.

Don’t Limit A/B Testing in your Business Marketing Strategy

The efforts in a marketing strategy cannot be a laisse-faire approach (i.e. to set it up and let it run itself indefinitely); rather there is a need to constantly review and improve your efforts by looking at statistics and trends.

A/B testing has been a steadfast marketing strategy since the dawn of the internet age as a way to preserve efforts and determine best performance by creating two or more versions of marketing techniques. However, this type of testing has been limited in its approach: to email campaigns. In order to move forward and improve your digital marketing footprint in 2019, A/B testing can be implemented in the following areas:

  • On your services website: headings, internal links, capture forms & request for services.
  • Contextual advertising: specifically, demographics & location testing.
  • The main body of text within email campaigns.
  • Within PPC advertisements.

Eltoma Marketing can implement valuable A/B testing campaigns so you can see what it making a difference in your company; become more relevant & trustworthy to potential clients by contacting us.

Make Your Brand a Tangible Marketing Asset

A start-up or well-established company should be viewed as so much more than a mere goods & service provider. While traditional advertising has always aimed to show what products or services are being provided, your 2019 marketing strategy should go beyond this parameter. Perhaps it’s an incomparable quality of excellence, a lifestyle change, an innovation cornerstone, or a dream of bettering a common cause. Whichever way your brand sticks out, ensure that potential partners and clients are fully aware of it using targeted brand marketing.

Ultimately, a robust brand makes all your marketing efforts a lot easier and more effective by setting you apart from your competitors in a jam-packed marketplace.

Put Your Clients before Lead Generation

While any new or readily established company needs a steady influx of new clients and leads to stay afloat; in 2019, a more modern business marketing strategy would be to exert efforts to your existing client base and buyers.

Rather than focusing on meeting your internal goals within the company, start directing efforts to meet the needs and aims of your clients and buyers. After all, word of mouth is truly the best (and cheapest!) form of industrial marketing. Last year, TripAdvisor and the Google Contribute scheme were some of the fastest growing platforms in terms of visitors and contributors. Some genuine 5* reviews of your company will naturally entice people to find out more about what you’re doing.

Understanding your client’s challenges and daily processes in 2019 (B2B & B2C) can assist your company bring into line all the collective efforts and content to more efficiently meet their requirements which in the end will only drive new business for your company in 2019.

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For more information on any of the strategies mentioned, please contact us, we’d be happy to discuss your company’s current marketing efforts and how to start new campaigns to drive results.

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