Many traditional advertising agencies deal solely with marketing communications. They address the promotional aspect of marketing; and while it is the most wide-ranging sector of marketing, it does not include aspects such as planning, strategy and design elements that are typical of digital marketing activities. At Eltoma-Marketing, our goal is to act as a seamless extension of your company, to take care of all stages of marketing initiatives, from the building stages, to implementation and the follow up management.

We work on a scalable, flexible basis according to the needs of our clients and the results of previous campaigns and strategies. We work with companies on a range of different levels and projects. Whether you require assistance with one specific project launch, to long-term social media management, SEO optimisation or whether you need an ongoing marketing team to manage the full scope of digital marketing activities.

By outsourcing marketing activities, you gain access to an entire team of senior level marketeers, social media managers, SEO specialists, and copywriting professionals, without the long-term expenses attached to hiring a full-time team. View our team! Eltoma-Marketing are flexible and can adjust activities on a month-by-month basis to meet your shifting marketing needs. By outsourcing you also gain a new perspective and vision for your project which will lead to innovation and long-term development, without having to hire a full-time team.

The cost of outsourcing to our team really depends on your needs and the level of services you require. You may need help with one specific project, or you may require ongoing marketing activities to be carried out on a long-term basis. We would encourage you to get in touch for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your current needs.

We have experience in a wide range of industries, from finance to beauty, food and beverages to IT and communications. Eltoma-Marketing primarily works with companies that are expanding their lines and into new markets or expanding their product lines. Please refer to our portfolio of our largest clients and most influential campaigns we are proud of.

Eltoma-Marketing have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes! However, we typically work with small to medium-sized businesses who have not employed a senior level marketer and are seeking alternatives to full time employees for overhead expense reductions. If your team also needs additional short-term help for a specific project while working together with their current marketing team, consider enlisting the help of Eltoma-Marketing.

Get in touch via the form below, email or feel free to call us for an initial consultation at no cost at all.

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