Google Ads Fundamentals: Everything You Need to Know

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Millions of searches are performed daily on Google.

It is the most accessed site in the UK and Europe by people of the most varied kinds. It is nothing new that for any person, company or institution that wants to stand out online (and outside of the net) must have an efficient digital presence. Google Ads is a tool that will help you do this.

After all, as the popular saying goes, “whoever is not seen is not remembered”. However, having a good website and active channels on social networks is not enough nowadays. The trend is that this is increasingly common to all businesses. You need to stand out from the competition to find and be found by your target audience.

Therefore, it becomes extremely important to invest in ads as part of the digital marketing strategy to obtain better results. If everyone uses Google, appearing among the top search results is essential, most top marketers would agree.

In this sense, knowing how Google Ads works will help you to be successful online, promoting your business more efficiently, reaching the people who need your product or service and, consequently, increasing profit.

Therefore, in today’s article, we will explain what it is, how it works and how to create an account in one of the main sponsored links tools in the world.


What is Google Ads?

When searching Google, you have certainly noticed highlighted links at the top of the results page, identified with the term “advertising”.

On Youtube, before watching any video, you must have already waited for an ad to end. When reading an article on a blog, you must also have noticed the presence of a banner advertising something in the side column.

Did you know that the three examples above have something in common? They are all part of Google Ads, Google ‘s ad platform. In a simplified way, its main objective is to enable companies to pay to be featured on the internet.


How Google Ads Works

The tool allows segmentation of the target audience. Therefore, the budget to be spent on online advertising can be optimised from the moment you focus your ads on a qualified audience that has an interest in your business.

For a good use of this sponsored links strategy, it is important to remember that quantity is not quality. It is better to impact few people with high chances of conversion than the opposite.

We wrote a more in depth article discussing how to create a successful Google Ads campaign.

Or alternatively, you can Contact us to see how our marketing team can do all the work for you and build a successful Google Ads campaign for your business today!


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