How to Spy on Competitor Keywords in Google’s New Keyword Tool

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Generating terms and data for your own categories and landing pages in order to optimise your website is always the best route to take in order to improve your website ranking and cost-per-click statistics.

Additionally, a great white hat technique to quickly pull these figures, with the help of Google Ad’s new keyword tool, you can easily steal a competitor’s ideas and keywords as well.

Competition research is huge when it comes to PPC. If your competitor is showing up for a search term that you are not offering, you may be losing tons of sales to him. Fortunately, you can search for keyword ideas based on any URL in the keyword planner.

How to see your competitor’s keywords.

With the new keyword planner, you can perform competitor searches on your keyword plan by typing a competitor’s website into the search bar at the top; Enter the website link and click on Get results; You should now see an entire list of keyword ideas that contain the terms most likely to bid.

This can uncover some surprising data, especially if your company is based locally and relies heavily on local sales. For example, this simple competitor search by Crumbs and Dollys, a UK-based bakery shows specific location-based keywords that have a lot of volume at a relatively low cost per click.

Typically, keywords of this nature can be difficult to find. Try using a competitor-style survey to come up with ideas and tackle conversions and sales. After doing this, you can download or copy your keywords in a spreadsheet for the next step!

How to use the new 2020 keyword planner for Google ads to forecast your ad spend

Unless you want to spend all of your money in a few days, like me in Las Vegas, you need to forecast your ad spend. Google Ads can potentially increase your budget in a matter of days, depending on the keywords you’re offering for. For example, bidding on a keyword with a EUR €10 CPC can cost thousands of dollars a month, even if you only have ten clicks per day.

To get started, you can forecast tons of data directly in the new 2020 keyword planner update, and you don’t have to leave the list of keyword ideas. In the past, you had to navigate to the main menu and choose the forecast option. But the new update consolidates information into a single section.

The plan overview is essentially a detailed and improved budget and strategy forecasting tool compared to the old keyword planner. With new charts and data, you can see the specific keywords selected. You can also see automatic performance data, from clicks to impressions and expected costs, depending on your maximum CPC.

With the old planning tool, it was necessary to set specific bids and move a dynamic bar to see how the different CPCs impacted those metrics. Instead of having to adjust manually, Google Ads does this automatically, providing data about devices, keywords, costs and more.

Make sure to use the budgeting tool before confirming these keywords to forecast your data before you’re in the middle of it. New features, such as the refine keywords tool, still in beta, in the latest update to the Google Ads keyword planner, allow you to find and analyse keywords more quickly. More detailed metrics and better predictions provide much more information about how each keyword can affect your campaign.

Don’t get stuck in metrics alone. A low-competition keyword does not necessarily mean a good keyword, and a high-volume keyword is not necessarily the same as one.

Just because a keyword has ten times the volume, or a 50% lower CPC, does not mean that they will turn your campaign into a winning campaign. Instead, focus on finding the right keywords for your business, starting with understanding the intent, strategy and serving the right page for each query.

Read more about getting started with Google Ads here.

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