Gadgetura: an online retailer selling electronics

Field of Business Activity : Gadgets, laptops & computers, mobile phones, photo, video equipment,
telephones and other devices.

Project Commencement Date: 2010

Our Key Goals

To develop an effective online store of electronics based on the Magento platform with integration of
the 1C: trade platform..

Our Solution

    • Ensuring the successful operation of the online store, it is important not only to make a convenient website with high conversion but also to work out all the business processes, to appropriately build the marketing strategy.
    • To begin with, we determined the product matrix of the website – the most modern developments in the field of gadgets and other electronic devices.
    • We then worked on naming, developed a logo and corporate identity, registered a trademark, created software solutions for goods accounting, bookkeeping, working with loans and delivery services.
    • Our attention was paid to the simplicity of both updating the front-end CMS for editing and for users visiting the website.
    • We have made a turnkey online store with the prospect of developing offline.


Development & Approval of the Website Structure

We began the development of the website structure with a competitive analysis, paying attention to the
following main points:

1)   Ease of the website use and simplicity of online orders.
2)   Correspondence to modern design trends.
3)  Complimentary of the website design and content to trade topics.
4)  Layout quality.
5)  Interactivity and depth of user interaction.

Based on the analysis, we identified unique features of the competitors’ websites, which served as the basis for developing of our own uniqueness.

Prototyping of Webpages

An online store is a website containing a huge number of similar pages with product cards. Product pages should not only be well indexed so that users can easily find them in search but also have a high conversion rate – the page itself should actively sell the goods displayed on it to the user. Therefore, we designed the pages taking into account the knowledge about customer psychology, the usability of commercial websites, the SEO-requirements and used specially prepared content.


Website Design Creation

An important step is the design creation of the logo. It was supposed to reflect the hi-tech orientation of the website, to look modern and technological. And after the logo was approved, the design of the remaining elements of the website was created.


Testing Stage & Website Launch Results

Before the website launching, we conducted comprehensive testing of the website, found and fixed the all the inevitable bugs during the preliminary stage. After the launch, we continue our testing process. We monitored all behavioural factors on the website, which allowed us to finalise the design considering the requirements of the potential audience and real-time users of the site and to maximise its selling opportunities.


Website Heatmap

Shows areas frequently clicked by users. For example, if many clicks are made on some inactive element then it should be made it active.


Website Tracking Map

It allows to track the routes of users moving on the website and understand how convenient the existing website structure is.


Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics in live mode demonstrates the user’s actions on the website. This is the best tool for understanding visitor use, patterns and key information about the website’s usability.


Using Key Data Metrics

The conversion funnel clearly shows where potential customers are lost. Using the data obtained, we can significantly reduce these losses.


The Results

Programming on the Magento platform made it possible to achieve a quick website performance despite a large range of products.

Brand enquiries

LG Phone

Samsung phone

iPhone 4

Highest Conversion Requests

To purchase a telephone on credit.

Purchasing a smartphone on a certain network.


1500-2000 users

Integration with 1C carried out to allow for the effective management of a wide range of 6,000 items of goods.