Grand-Auto: an online retailer selling auto parts and vehicles

Field of business activity:

The provision of spare parts and accessories for buses vans & cars.
Project Commencement Date: 2013

Our Key Goals
To develop an attractive yet effective online auto parts store.
Our Solutions
The creation of an intuitive tree-based hierarchical cataloging system for spare parts.
To implement of various schemes to find the required product: catalogue, filter system by category, search by item number and name.
Updating information on prices and availability of goods by integrating the website with the online spare parts database TecDoc.

For users: we created a website where you can find the required part in 30 seconds.

For customers: we have created a website that updates its thousand-products base itself.
Stages of Work Performance

At the first stage, we performed a competitive analysis of similar websites. We paid attention to common points for various resources and their unique features in the following areas:

Organisation of a spare parts catalogue.
Various search options.
Availability of unique photos, layouts, descriptions of spare parts;
Attractive website colour scheme to match the companys brand.
Quality of programming and layout.
Quality of the website’s interaction with the user.
Prototyping of Webpages

The specificity of working with vehicle auto parts is that the client does not always know the exact name of the required part. Therefore, an online store of auto parts requires a simple and convenient form for searching for the right product.

This puts special demands on the organization of the website structure, the formation of navigation logic, the arrangement of elements on the pages. The second serious problem is the uploading of a huge range of products which prices are constantly changing to the website, they become unavailable in some warehouses and appear in others: all this requires regular updating of the product base on the website. As a solution, we integrated the website with the TecDoc database, which contains a multimillion-dollar range of non-original spare parts.

The result of this stage was the development of the website structure and the modular grid of its pages.


Website Design Creation

After completing the design phase of the prototyping of the website’s skeleton framework, it was the time to create its user interface.

We have prepared several options of the design and layout of the website control elements. Each of them was equally convenient in terms of usability and aesthetic perception.

At the website creation stage, the attention was paid to the search and selection of goods interface. Integration of the website with the online database of spare parts TecDoc allowed bringing tens of thousands of items to the website. And without a user-friendly and intuitive navigation system within this assortment, it would be simply useless. Our search and navigation system has allowed most users to find the required product in less than 30 seconds.

Website preparation for Search Engine Optimisation

At the stage of website preparation for SEO-optimisation, all the necessary tools were applied to increase the level of search engines loyalty. The sections were filled with unique SEO-prepared content.


  • 1. Unique texts filled with keywords.
  • 2. Headings, subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists used.
  • 3. Unique photos used with appropriate keywords.
  • 4. Keywords and graphic elements to create visually attractive snippets (website page annotations in search results) utilised.
  • Registration of website pages on online directories.
  • Uploading of the product range to the website map for continuous indexing of all pages of the website by search engines.
Testing Stage & Website Launch Results

Before the website launching it was tested in all browsers. After its launching, we regularly checked the heat map and the tracking map in order to optimize navigation on the website, remove unnecessary elements and make it simpler for the user to buy the necessary spare parts.

Website Tracking Map
Our Results

Integration with the TecDoc database made it possible to have updated information on the availability and cost of spare parts at any time.

At the same time, the website was not overloaded with unnecessary data.

The tests were carried out with a nomenclature of 60,000 product items, no problems regarding the speed of page loading were detected, the operation of filters and search – everything was great and worked properly.