Taste of Coffee :

An illy official distributor in Cyprus for the sale of artisan brand coffee and equipment marketed to offices and workplaces.

Project Commencement Date: September 2014

Our Key Goals
1. Creating a corporate website with the functionality of an online shop.
2. General promotion of the Illy coffee brand in Limassol & Nicosia in Cyprus.
Our Solution
In the framework of one project; two websites were created and located on the same domain:
 A corporate website focused on the B2B segment, which performed representative functions as well, providing online brand promotion.
An online store with a focus on the B2C segment, individual elements of which were organically integrated into the corporate website.

Stages Of Work Performance

Development of Website Structure

The development of the structure was carried out using the original website layout with its adaptation to the features of different devices and browsers. We simplified the menu by abandoning drop-down lists in favour of clear subsections.

The general architecture of the website has not undergone major changes however, the navigation was greatly improved and became more familiar and convenient for home users shopping for coffee.

Prototyping of Webpages

When creating the prototype of the website’s main page, we used the ideology of landing-page, placing all the necessary information in a vertical block structure and summarising it with the form of lead generation.

At the same time, the verbiage of the main page was created taking into account SEO-requirements, which improved the visibility of a website in search engines.

The prototypes of the internal pages were created based on the main purpose of the website – to be an official illy coffee representative in St Petersburg. Therefore, a significant part of the page space was reserved for vivid images that shape the mood, giving a certain image to the entire resource.

The pages from the “Online Store” section were created focused on the general idea of the corporate website. Elements typical for this type of pages are product description, price, delivery and payment terms, etc. – were made in the same style as the elements in the representative section of the website. Due to this, it was possible to maintain a single line of brand positioning and emphasize the exclusivity of the product offer.

Website Design Creation

The website was designed considering the existing illy brand identity. Some design elements were copied from the original website, others were created in a similar style.


Testing Stage & Website Launch Results

Before the website launch, a thorough check of the operability of the installed modules was completed. Including website display testing in various browsers and devices was made, all the necessary work was carried out regarding internal search optimization.