Field of business activity: The sale & installation of sunshades & mechanical umbrellas

Project Commencement Date: January 2015

Our Key Goals

Creation of the Companies Cypriot representative’s website.

Brand promotion in Paphos, Limassol & Larnaca.

Our Solution

  1. To emphasise the status of the official representative we used the Company logo and the design of the original shadelab,it website design.
  2. The structure and design of the Italian website has been adapted in accordance with the current trends and established traditions of a range of browsers.
  3. In order to promote the brand, the semantic core of the website included not only high conversion transactional requests but also informative ones that bring new users to the website.


Development & approval of the website structure

The basis was the structure of the original website, which we adapted to the conditions of the Cypriot market. In particular:
Bright design and high-quality images make the user want to choose this particular brand , and unobtrusive elements of lead generation can immediately satisfy the formed need

Prototyping of Webpages
Despite the utilitarian purpose of sun-protection systems, their selection largely depends on the degree of visual attractiveness. Therefore, a significant part of the space was reserved for the placement of images. In order not to distract attention to the technical characteristics of the products these data were transferred to files available for download.

This approach allowed us to attract and retain the attention of users and most fully convey the main idea of the website – high aesthetic qualities of the products.

The installation of a product order form.
As a result, the website acquired good commercial potential without losing its corporate status.
Bright design and high-quality images to encourage the user to choose this particular brand and other modest elements of lead generation can immediately satisfy the potential client’s requirements.

Website Design Creation
When creating the website design, we focused on the existing corporate identity and design of But adjustments were made. For example, the white background has been replaced with
black. Because of this the visibility of the logo increased and the website began to produce a stronger emotional impression. “Stylish high-tech website design emphasises the functionality and aesthetics of ShadeLAB products”

website navigation reducing the number of sections and their depth

Stages Of Work Performance

Development and approval of website

The development of the structure was carried out using the original website layout with its adaptation to the features of different devices and browsers. We simplified the menu by abandoning drop-down lists in favour of clear subsections.

The general architecture of the website has not undergone major changes however, the navigation was greatly improved and became more familiar and convenient for home users shopping for coffee.

Testing Stage & Website Launch Results

Before the website launching, we conducted a comprehensive testing of the website, checked the performance of its modules and services. In the first months after the start of commercial operation,
we monitored all the behavioral factors on the website, which allowed us to finalise the design taking into account the requirements of the real audience of the website and maximise its selling opportunities. The high SEO potential laid down at the stage of the website creation made it possible to quickly collect low-frequency traffic and ensured a confident resource stratum in search engines.