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Eltoma Marketing is an international digital marketing agency with offices in 4 countries and 60 team members.

Our main goal is to deliver sound marketing solutions for all our clients.


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How we work

We use two approaches in our work, which are both seamlessly being utilised during our marketing work for both our own projects and our clients` projects.

Marketing to your Advantage

It is completely inefficient to have good promotion, if you don`t have an obvioussolution to the question “Why it is necessary to buy from you?”

We help to answer this question on your behalf and convey it to targeted audiences clearly within your marketing communication.

It helps to increase conversion at all stagesof the lead-to-salefunnel.

Measurable Approach

We measure allstages of the consumer funnel, starting from visitors and ending with repeated purchases and references.We look for bottlenecks, implement changes and maximise conversion.


At the stage attracting visitors, we measure refusals and are fully involved with the purpose to narrow down all non-targeted visits.


In order to increase target requests, we measure the number and the quality of requests from every channel and also work on page conversions.

Repeated Sales & Recommendations

In order to increase primary sales, we measure the profitableness of every request channel and profit on sales. We help to improve not only the strategy, but also the product and marketing communications.

The synchronising effect of these two approaches consists by obtaining maximally effective marketing.